Auto Companies Go Heavy on Tech Investments

Auto Companies Go Heavy on Tech Investments (Economic Times)

The Shoeshine Indicator is Dead (The Irrelevant Investor)

A Framework for Understanding Optionality (Constantconnect)

Are Commodities on the Cusp of a New Supercycle? (Raconteur)

Something of Value (Oaktree Capital)

Sound Judgment Toolkit: Representativeness (Anand Sridharan)

How to Lose Money When the Stock Market is at All -Time Highs (Ben Carlson)

The Balance between Edge and Conviction (Validea)

Robinhood’s Big Gamble (Newyorker)

The Almanac of Naval Ravikant (Navalmanack)

India’s Online Consumer Funnel

India's Online Consumer Funnel
Source: RedSeer, Zomato DRHP
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