About Us

We are living in a golden age as far as access to information is concerned.

Information has never been more abundant and easier to access.

And while our everyday lives are so much better because of it, we are seeing some problems creep up.

You see, there's no doubt that information available to investors like you and us today is exponentially greater than ever before.

In fact, there is too much of it.

And what compounds this problem of abundance is that much of the information is just rubbish.

Okay, that may be too strong a word for a light blog like ours. So, let's just say, not helpful.

After having scanned websites since 1995 (yes that's when we got hooked to it), we have come to a sombre conclusion...

Only a tiny percentage of the information you are fed is useful for, let's say, making intelligent investment decisions.

At this stage you are probably thinking that the needle in a haystack problem is back to haunt you. Bang on!

However, help is at hand. Introducing Breakout Wealth...

At Breakout Wealth, our goal is to help you zero in on “the needle” by clearing out all the hay out there. (Yes, we are still sticking to the metaphor!)

Now, let's get serious...

Our mission with Breakout Wealth is simple...

Scan the internet for the best ideas on investing...

Serve them to you in a simple non-cluttered way...

And thereby empower you with opinions that could help you make better investment decisions. Consistently.

You see, a good part of our daily work at Equitymaster involves reading the best of the investment blogosphere and financial media out there. In fact, some of our best ideas over the years have been a result of this daily activity.

If you are thinking “learning machine”, you would be right here. We are learning all the time.

Both our own thinking...and others too. It's fair game. You should do it too.

Now to our big close...

If you are a learner...if you want to become a better investor...or if you just like reading good stuff...

We welcome you to Breakout Wealth.

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